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[ecf-dev] problem with testing httpclient provider

Hi Folks,

I've figured out what's wrong with test failures on the httpclient filetransfer build/automated tests. The problem is that the ssl tests are failing to connect. Why are they failing to connect you say? That's because they the socket factory can't be created. Why can't the socket factory be created? That's because the org.eclipse.ecf.provider.httpclient.ssl fragment depends upon a service that is registered by the org.eclipse.ecf.ssl fragment. Now, the o.e.e.provider.httpclient.ssl fragment is built by the httpclient.feature...but the org.eclipse.ecf.ssl fragment is built as part of the ecf core...not part of httpclient.

For reasons unclear to me the org.eclipse.ecf.ssl fragment is *not* included in the test runtime for the httpclient feature tests. There is no direct dependency on it, but it does need to be present in the test environment for the httpclient ssl tests to succeed. Is there an easy way to make sure that the org.eclipse.ecf.ssl fragment (from the target platform) is included in the test runtime?