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[ecf-dev] maven repo

Hi Folks,

On the p2 dev mailing list we've (ECF) recently received a request to provide access to a maven repo of recent ECF versions. I had thought that maven repos were automatically being created for every nightly build, but when I go to:


I see that the maven repo is pretty old. For Markus K and/or Wim, I guess: Is there something explicit about the build that has to be done to create a maven repo? If so, what is that (e.g. release build...or something else?)

ECF 3.5.5 Final Planning

As everyone should know...we are coming up on ECF 3.5.5 (next Monday, 3/19/2012), and tomorrow (Friday) is the last day for bug fixes to get into 3.5.5....so if you are working on a bug fix for 3.5.5 please let me and everyone know about status by tomorrow afternoon (pacific time).