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[ecf-dev] Assistance Required for ECF Coverage on JavaLobby / EclipseZone

Hi all

Together with Scott, I've been working on an article to highlight "Five Reasons To Look At ECF in Eclipse Indigo".
The five reasons I've listed are as follows

- OSGi 4.2 Remote Services/RSA Standards Support
- XML-RPC provider
-Google wave provider
-ECF on Other OSGi Frameworks
-ECF Documentation Project

I have lots of content for the first part (OSGi 4.2 Remote Services), but significantly less for the other parts.

Markus, Mustafa, Pavel - if you could provide some intro content for each of your projects that would be much appreciated.

I'm hoping to publish this article tomorrow, to coincide with the general Eclipse Indigo excitement, thus (hopefully) generating more interest in ECF.

Any contributions you could make to the above topics would be greatly appreciated.


Phone: 919-678-0300 EXT 111