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[ecf-dev] News Digest View


For the GSoC project we are adding functions to the ECF newsreader so that it integrates with the workbench (*). One of the things that is part of the GSoC project is the so called Digest View. In my mind, the Digest View is a view that presents the newsgroup reader information in a condensed form. The goal of the Digest View is to help the reader to "digest" new postings in such a way that he (**) can quickly catch up with the latest topics. Here are some of my ideas that hopefully trigger a discussion and shine some light on this abstract term.
n. (djst)
1. A collection of previously published material, such as articles, essays, or reports, usually in edited or condensed form.
2. Law A systematic arrangement of statutes or court decisions.
3. A periodical containing literary abridgments or other condensed works.

It is the 1 and 3 that matches my intentions.

The Digest View
Operates on a single news server (e.g. eclipse.org)
enables processing of messages (answer, read, etc..) 
is able to show a condensed form of a subset of articles in all or some subscribed newsgroups
enables the user to make a number of easy switchable filters that condens in different ways: 
1. that enables tracking of threads that I started or participated in
2. filter that enables showing threads of interest
3. mark newsgroups of interest and not so interest
4. filters out postings that are older than xxxx
5. other filters and combination of filters

It is maybe also good to identify the newsgroup users: 

What kind of users are there:

The hardcore newsgroup reader:
This reader follows many postings in many newsgroups. 
This user wants to know about the latests topics in his newsgroups
This user has some favorite newsgroups and maybe also some less important newsgroups
This user wants to keep an eye on some threads he finds of interest or were he participates in
This user wants to tag some articles for later reading
This user is able to answer questions
Might want to track some person
Might want to block some person

The occasional reader:
This reader might not read the news for a while and may jump in at any time
This user wants to keep an eye on some threads (see above)
This user might be able to answer some questions

The answer seeker:
This reader only goes in when he has problems
This reader wants to be able to search the newsgroups
This reader wants to track his questions and be notified of answers
This user wants to ask questions 



(*) I have visions about such integration (not only with news btw) that cannot be discussed over e-mail but requires a comfortable couch and a few bears or soda's and some time to get into the flow.
(**) when I say he or his or him I also mean she or her or hers