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[ecf-dev] Which protocol and ECF api to use

Hi All,

We are searching for a way to implement remote communication between two OSGI based products with ECF.The base requirement for that is the protocol of communication to be http based.
Remote services API supports mainly two protocols -  ECF Generic Server and R-OSGI which however are not http based.Right?

We want this communication to be configured via xml files or API and NO custom implementation to be  needed to support discovery, serialization/de-serialization, authorization/etc. 
A good solution for this seems to be the REST api however  from what we've read there isn't a  way to expose the server's services as rest-based services so that client can discover them and do post/get with rest api.We've read about RESTlet+OSGI api which might be a solution for our use case right?

How this Restlet api works? If I have a simple osgi service is there a way to expose it so that client can discover it with rest api? Are there any other solutions for this use case?

Atanas Todorov