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[ecf-dev] [Salvo] Problem in using eclipse newsgroups with bugzilla account

I cannot use my bugzilla acccount to access the eclipse news server news.eclipse.org using Salvo. I tried two bugzilla accounts but neither seems to be working.
In the OSGi console following message is printed when validating the configuration.

org.eclipse.ecf.protocol.nntp.core.internal.ServerConnection Broken pipe.
org.eclipse.ecf.protocol.nntp.core.internal.ServerConnection Server news.eclipse.org timed out
91 No input received within 10 seconds (overview.fmt not supported by this server)

Only exquisitus userId seems to be working.

Isuru Udana

Department of Computer Science & Engineering,
University of Moratuwa

: http://mytecheye.blogspot.com/
gTalk: isudana  skype: isudana