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[ecf-dev] Consume service that has been marked as 'remote' , locally

Hi devs,

In the ds version of the hello world remote service, once you specify
the properties, its all happening under the hood. (Container creation,
service distribution, etc) AFAIU.
Now when i reference my remotely exported services in the client side,
they get fetched (The proxy of the service) to the client without a

But, at the client side in the respective component.xml I didnt
mention anything about remote services. Zeronconf does all that to me.
Now what happens when I try to consume the remote enabled services
within the same JVM process. How would zeronconf will behave. ? Will
it give me a proxy in that case too ... ?

Now what happens there are two services one is local and the other is
remote with the same service name. How can tell declarative service to
only pick the local one and bind it to my component. ?

***  I saw above scenario, in non-ds environment, where you guys
specify LDAP filter to filter [1] out the unwanted things. I just cant
figure out how it can achieved in the DS environment.

If this has been answered already please be kind enough to provide a
link. googling didnt work for me.

[1] http://wiki.eclipse.org/EIG:Remoting

thanks in advance,