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Re: [ecf-dev] Can I use Remote OSGI services with jar released in 2009.05.20

On 04/20/2011 08:35 AM, Pradeep Fernando wrote:
> hi devs,
> I have a server side application that uses  equinox 3.5 , V2009.05.20
> as its framework impl. It uses the ECF jars versioned as 3.0.0
> v2009.05.20.
> I want to do a quick POC on OSGI remote services on our platfrom. Is
> it possible to implement OSGI remote services using above released
> versions. ?
> Then again when I tried to get some ecf required jars from the ECF
> site, I couldnt find any of the old zip files of ECF distributions. I
> didnt try the latest
> ECF distribution since my current eclipse/equinox jars used by the
> platform are old ones. (3.5)
> help is much appreciated,
> thanks,
> --Pradeep

We haven't changed anything that would make newer ECF releases
incompatible with Equinox 3.5. Thus you should be safe to use a
recent build of ECF.
In general ECF remote services is supposed to work with any OSGi R4.2
compatible framework. We test on both Eclipse Equinox and Apache Felix.

If you still want to try old ECF builds, check the eclipse.org archive.
There you will find all ECF releases.