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Re: [ecf-dev] OSGi framework 1.5

Hi Ronen,

On 3/30/2011 1:15 AM, ronen hamias wrote:
Hi all

i am trying to run the example
in the .MF file i see that the it explicitly requires


In the copy of this file in the git repo, the required minimum version of org.osgi.framework is listed at "1.3.0"...i.e. see here:


So I don't quite understand how you have that version listed in hello.host.rs.

It seems that the remote service consumer does have a version listed at "1.5.0"...i.e.


is that a must?

No, it's probably not a must.  This version constraint of  "1.5.0" for the consumer can/could be moved down (or removed entirely) in this consumer.rs example.  Please open a bug report for this and it will be done.

where can i get this version?

Version 3.6.2 of Eclipse exports this version (1.5.0)...and you seem to have this version (as indicated below)...so I'm a little confused as to why you are seeing a problem with it.

i am using equinox version org.eclipse.osgi_3.6.2.R36x_v20110210.jar

Hope this helps.