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Re: [ecf-dev] ecf version in p2

Hi Pascal,

I would prefer it if p2 consumed the latest released version of ECF filetransfer (i.e. ECF 3.5 or later) in Indigo. This would make it much easier for us and our consumers to use the *other* plugins from ECF...e.g. OSGi remote services/RSA among other apis. The reason this would make it easier is that since most people get the ECF core and filetransfer bundles via Equinox and/or Eclipse, if p2/Equinox/Eclipse uses an old version of ECF core and filetransfer bundles (not the latest)...then it not only complicates our build (we have to make sure that all our other plugins build and run properly on what now is pretty old code) also complicates the use of ECF remote services (and other things) in people's target platforms (because of the feature include version matching constraint).

So my summary is:  please use ECF 3.5 (latest ECF release) for Indigo.

Now...for the core and filetransfer parts of ECF, there are only a few minor differences from Helios. One is a small change to the exception type thrown in the case of malformed URL/URIs (there's bug report for this in the p2 a p2 test case fails because it's now catching the wrong exception type...I can't remember or find it immediately, however. I think this p2 test bug report was created by John Arthorne.

The only feature-level change for the ECF filetransfer was the addition of provisional API to support the use of alternative filetransfer providers (bittorrent, proprietary protocols, etc) that need URI syntax rather than just URL. There was an enhancement request for this also, but I can't immediately remember or find it either. With more time and effort I can/will drum these up's been 8+ months since these changes were made.

So my summary is: no major changes to ECF API (or implementation) for ECF core and/or filetransfer since Helios...and so none of what has occurred in core or filetransfer over the last year should create risk for use in p2/Equinox for Helios.

The main question is how to consume ECF 3.5. We would prefer it if you/p2/Equinox/Platform would just use the repo for ECF 3.5, available here:

We could probably arrange for a 3.5.1 build for sometime in the next 2 months...and that could be used also...if necessary. There is at least one bug identified and fixed in 3.5 that would be useful to pick up, and there could be more/others.


On 3/28/2011 12:49 PM, Pascal Rapicault wrote:

We are wondering which version of ECF should be consumed by p2 for the Indigo release.

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