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Re: [ecf-dev] Problems getting the Hello example to run

Try disabling r_osgi for your normal eclipse sdk by adding a flag to the startup.

On Thu, Mar 24, 2011 at 12:57 PM, Pierre Henry Perret <phperret@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

It seems that you target platform does not include the bundle *org.eclipse.ecf.provider.r_osgi* .

See [1] for a list of needed bundles.


Pierre-Henry Perret

2011/3/24 Nicole Rauch <nicole.m@xxxxxx>
Dear all,

I'm trying to get a grip at ECF, so I downloaded the Hello example from

imported the projects into an Eclipse workspace, installed ECF 3.5.0v20110313, and ran

as Eclipse Application. This gave me

[log;+0530 2011.03.24 13:54:43:913;WARNING;;org.eclipse.core.runtime.Status[;code=2; remote service containers found for serviceReference={org.eclipse.ecf.examples.remoteservices.hello.IHello}={ecf.exported.containerfactoryargs=r-osgi://localhost:9278, service.exported.configs=ecf.r_osgi.peer, service.exported.interfaces=*,}. Remote service NOT EXPORTED;severity2;exception=null;children=[]]]
[log;+0530 2011.03.24 13:54:43:914;ERROR;;org.eclipse.core.runtime.Status[;code=4; export registrations created by  ServiceReference={org.eclipse.ecf.examples.remoteservices.hello.IHello}={ecf.exported.containerfactoryargs=r-osgi://localhost:9278, service.exported.configs=ecf.r_osgi.peer, service.exported.interfaces=*,} NOT EXPORTED;severity4;exception=null;children=[]]]
Host: Hello Service Registered

I understand that the first WARNING is ok, but the second ERROR is not, right?

Then I ran


as Eclipse application, which gave me

!SESSION 2011-03-24 14:33:02.068 -----------------------------------------------
java.vendor=Apple Inc.
BootLoader constants: OS=macosx, ARCH=x86_64, WS=cocoa, NL=de_DE
Framework arguments:  -application org.eclipse.ecf.examples.remoteservices.hello.consumer.HelloConsumer
Command-line arguments:  -application org.eclipse.ecf.examples.remoteservices.hello.consumer.HelloConsumer -data /Users/rauch/Developer/GitRepositories/org.eclipse.ecf/examples/bundles/../runtime-org.eclipse.ecf.examples.remoteservices.hello.consumer.HelloConsumer -dev file:/Users/rauch/Developer/GitRepositories/org.eclipse.ecf/examples/bundles/.metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.pde.core/org.eclipse.ecf.examples.remoteservices.hello.consumer.HelloConsumer/ -os macosx -ws cocoa -arch x86_64 -consoleLog

!ENTRY 4 0 2011-03-24 14:33:04.484
!MESSAGE Container type description with name=ecf.r_osgi.peer not found.  This may indicate that the desired provider is not available or not startable within runtime.
org.eclipse.ecf.core.ContainerCreateException: Container type description with name=ecf.r_osgi.peer not found.  This may indicate that the desired provider is not available or not startable within runtime.
       at org.eclipse.ecf.core.ContainerFactory.getDescriptionByNameWithException(
       at org.eclipse.ecf.core.ContainerFactory.createContainer(
       at org.eclipse.ecf.internal.examples.remoteservices.hello.consumer.HelloConsumerApplication.start(

I added org.eclipse.ecf.provider.r_osgi.identity to the Imported Packages of the consumer plugin.xml, which then gave me

WARNING: Port 9278 already in use. This instance of R-OSGi is running on port 9279

Now I give up... Can somebody please  tell me how I can get the client and server of the Hello example work together, so I can carry this over to my own project?

Thanks a lot in advance,


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