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[ecf-dev] Automatically set IP address in a declarative service (ideas or best practices?)

Hi all. I posted this message into ECF Forum[1], but Makus advised me
to post in the mailing list instead, due to is more used. Copy/paste
from there:

"I am doing research about distributed and service-oriented algorithms
in clusters and heterogeneous networks, and I would like to use OSGi
and ECF in my thesis.

Due to I want to do research in P2P topographies (that is, not
all-to-all connections), I would like to deploy ECF in several nodes
of a cluster and doing the services bindings manually (or
semi-automatic). For example, bundle A in Node A requires service B
from Node B and service C from node C and B and study latencies,
distributed genetic algorithms, dynamically adding new nodes... and
all that stuff.

So, the idea is to expose all service hosts in DS way and bind
manually or also in a declarative way, but I have several doubts:

- The first one is about setting
"org.eclipse.ecf.containerFactoryArgs" in each service to expose. In
DS you can set it in the xml description file, but, this URL will be
different in each node, so I should change in every xml in every node?
Or I could access to ComponentContext properties and set the ip in the
activate() method of the component? (reading this URL from command
line or whatever). Is this a good programming practice?

- My second doubt is related to the first: how can I execute the
activate() method of a componet before being used or bound by a
consumer? I think that this is possible, but I don't know how to do

- My final doubt is how to say to each node which service of what node
must chose. I've thought in using filters of the service registry,
filtering by IPs and other properties, but also I want to know wich is
the best programming practice to do it. Maybe I should investigate

Or maybe should I wait until Remote Services Admin (RSA) becomes
available along this month? Perhaps it could be the solution to all my
problems : )

Thanks in advance."
[End of the ECF post]

After post that thread I waited to the release of ECF 3.5, and I can
see the new documentation wiki, with everything more organized and so
:) It seems that Remote Service Admin is a good improvement of this
version, but there are no information about how to use it properly in
the wiki yet. Also the Topology Management[2] could be useful to my
work, but also is not well explained yet.


Thanks again!
Pablo García Sánchez
Departamento de Arquitectura y Tecnología de Computadores
Universidad de Granada

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