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Re: [ecf-dev] help



I am trying to consume a remote service. Note that my environment is entirely server side.

I have implemented a simple hello world service running on tomcat using the bridge.war


My service is registered like this:



     * (non-Javadoc)

     * @see org.eclipse.core.runtime.Plugins#start(org.osgi.framework.BundleContext)


    public void start(BundleContext context) throws Exception {

      Properties props = new Properties();


      props.put("service.exported.interfaces", "*");

      props.put("service.exported.configs", "ecf.r_osgi.peer");


      ServiceRegistration reg =

      context.registerService(IHelloWorld.class.getName(),new HelloServiceImpl(), props);


            System.out.println("IHello RemoteService registered");




I wish to consume this service again from server side environment:

My service client looks like this:


public void start(BundleContext context) throws Exception


            _context = context;


            // Create R-OSGi Container

            IContainerManager containerManager = getContainerManagerService();

            _container = containerManager.getContainerFactory().createContainer("ecf.r_osgi.peer");


            // Get remote service container adapter

          IRemoteServiceContainerAdapter containerAdapter = (IRemoteServiceContainerAdapter) _container

                   .getAdapter(IRemoteServiceContainerAdapter.class); // after this line of code containerAdapter is null


            // Lookup IRemoteServiceReference

            IRemoteServiceReference[] helloReferences = containerAdapter.getRemoteServiceReferences(IDFactory.getDefault()

                        .createID(_container.getConnectNamespace(), GENERIC_SERVICE_HOST), IHelloWorld.class.getName(), null);


            // Get remote service for reference

            IRemoteService remoteService = containerAdapter.getRemoteService(helloReferences[0]);


            // Get the proxy

            IHelloWorld proxy = (IHelloWorld) remoteService.getProxy();


            // Call the proxy

            proxy.hello("RemoteService Client via Proxy");

            System.out.println((new Date()) + " RemoteService Called via Proxy");


            // Call Sync

            remoteService.callSync(createRemoteCall("RemoteService Client Sync"));

            System.out.println((new Date()) + " RemoteService Called Sync");





The IRemoteServiceContainerAdapter is inherits from IAdaptable (org.eclipse.core) that is a UI dependency?


How would I consume a service from a server side environment?


Best regards






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