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Re: [ecf-dev] Smack lib update for XMPP provider ?

Hi Bjorn,

On 2/9/2011 2:14 AM, Björn Gustavs wrote:
So before we persue changing/fixing our copy of the Smack lib directly, let's explore getting these fixes accepted upstream by Jive (I can help with this if you like Bjorn...as I know Matt Tucker...their CTO...and they are based here in Portland, OR).

If that doesn't work out for whatever reason, then we'll explore applying your fixes to the version of our source we have.

Mmm, seems this effort becomes easy.
I noticed there is actually coming _Smack 3.2_ soon - a beta is available since 2 days. And as far as I see the patches I am talking about are in there.

Ok that sounds good.   It would be good to verify that your changes/patches are actually in Smack 3.2.  Could you provide a URL reference for Smack 3.2 here on this forum?

Magnificent, after 2 years there is movement. =)

So, no need for inofficial patching seems required.

Even with Smack 3.2 there are two further things for ECF to consume/use it:

1) If there have been Smack API changes, there may have to be some associated changes in the ECF xmpp provider (I don't know whether there have been changes in Smack API that would require such changes, but in past Smack version changes this has been necessary).  Someone would have to implement/contribute such changes.

2) At some point after Smack 3.2 release, we will have to submit an Eclipse Foundation contribution questionnaire...for IP review, etc of the Smack 3.2 code...if we want to include the Smack 3.2 version in ECF 3.6.  You and I should coordinate on that...after Smack 3.2 is actually available...and after you (or someone) has had a chance to examine it...to verify that it solves your issues, and for whether 1 will require some changes to the ECF xmpp provider.

I'll work with you on both of these things as necessary...just keep the lines of communication open.