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Re: [ecf-dev] ECF for server clustering?

Hi Gembin,

On 1/12/2011 5:48 PM, åæ wrote:

thank very much for your reply!

but i cannot find the JGroups provider in the ECF SDK org.eclipse.ecf.sdk_3.4.0.v20101029-1626.

The JGroups provider is available via ECF's github repo:Â https://github.com/ECF

(along with a JMS provider)

BTW: is there aÂHazelcastÂecf provider?

No there isn't. It would be straightforward, I believe, to create one.Â

One additional thought on clustering...ECF's shared object API is based upon a transport-independent publish and subscribe (group) messaging model. One nice aspect to this is that it's possible to write applications (and/or other infrastructure) that uses the shared object API...without binding oneself to either a particular transport protocol or network topology. For example, the same remote services implementation (implemented as a shared object) currently runs unmodified on a hub/spoke network topology (ecf generic) or multicast (JGroups) and using a variety of protocols (e.g. JMS).