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Re: [ecf-dev] migrating toward remote service admin

Hello Pierre,

On 1/10/2011 3:51 AM, Pierre Henry Perret wrote:
Hello Scott,

I don't understand when you say:
The new RSA implementation essentially makes obsolete the ECF 3.4 remote service implementation.

Doesn't RSA lean on RS implementation ?

The Remote Services specification (chap 13 in OSGi 4.2 compendium) is essentially a specification of service properties that trigger a distribution system. The Remote Service Admin specification adds onto the Remote Service specification the ability to control the discovery and distribution process in a standardized way (i.e. with standard services and java classes).

So yes...RSA does lean on the RS specification (i.e. it uses the same standardized service properties). But it exposes much more control over essentially the same thing.

Obsolete was probably a poor choice of words. What I really meant to say was that the RSA implementation extends the ECF 3.4 remote services implementation (i.e. it's doing the same thing)...but it's now *also* got a standardized set of classes to expose discovery and distribution management/administration in a consistent way.



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