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Re: [ecf-dev] ZooDiscovery causing a BundleException on startup (and only for me, it seems)

On 01/08/2011 06:47 PM, Patrick D. wrote:
> Hello ECF Team,
> I chose to use ECF as the communication framework for my thesis project.
> So far it is really working great. However I can't get rid of an
> exception when starting ZooDiscovery. It seems to happen every time,
> regardless of what other bundles are loaded and happens even if I only
> add the ZooDiscovery Bundle and its dependencies. The exception does not
> prevent ZooDiscovery from functioning. It works completely.
> To not clog the message I uploaded the log to
> and attached it. Here's an excerpt, though:
> !MESSAGE While loading class
> "org.eclipse.ecf.provider.zookeeper.node.internal.WriteRoot", thread
> "Thread[pool-1-thread-1,5,main]" timed out waiting (5000ms) for thread
> "Thread[Start Level Event Dispatcher,5,main]" to finish starting bundle
> "org.eclipse.ecf.provider.zookeeper_1.0.100.v20101029-1626 [13]". To
> avoid deadlock, thread "Thread[pool-1-thread-1,5,main]" is proceeding
> but "org.eclipse.ecf.provider.zookeeper.node.internal.WriteRoot" may not
> be fully initialized.
> !STACK 0
> org.osgi.framework.BundleException: State change in progress for bundle
> "initial@reference:file:plugins/org.eclipse.ecf.provider.zookeeper_1.0.100.v20101029-1626.jar/"
> by thread "Start Level Event Dispatcher".
> [...]
> This happens right after the start of the framework, and I have
> absolutely no idea why. I searched Google for a solution but only found
> an old message from myself with a different problem but the exception
> already present. This frustrates me a bit, because it means I'm
> obviously the only person that's getting it.
> Can you tell me what's causing this? I have done fresh installations of
> Eclipse and ECF on different PCs and worked with different, small
> example projects, but the exception occurs every time.

Hi Patrick,

you might wanna try the latest version in git (head/master) [0]. IIRC I
have fixed a similar bug a few weeks ago.



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