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Re: [ecf-dev] Consuming in target environment

> if switched off all properties that change version ranges to be relaxed.
> Please give the new nightly build a spin [0].

Thanks but unfortunately, this new build is not accepted by p2.

Connection to
failed on PKIX path
building failed: unable to
find valid certification path to requested target. Retry attempt 0

> But even if this fixes your problem, I'd still argue that the target
> editor is broken. Just its inability to handle relaxed version ranges
> (RVR) is simply not an argument that RVS are a no-go per se (cyclic
> reasoning).

I agree. It should be relaxed about this. I will flag this on the bug.

> However, from the bug it appears as if the power that be are working on
> putting a simultaneous release policy in place that prevents RVR anyway
> for Indigo. So if we want to be part of Indigo, we would have to revert

mmm. I'm sure they don't do that just to annoy us ;-)

> the build back to how "things have always been done". (Why is ECF
> exactly part of Indigo again? Just extra work and little or no gain

Yes, well, if you are going to bring out a release anyway, why not do
it with the ART?

>. And
> do our consumers really benefit?)

That depends. If I have a stable system, I hate new releases. If I
have problems and need patches I love them.

I think the ART is very useful for showing the quality and reliability
of the Eclipse ecosystem. It is a great marketing tool (more then
anything else IMHO) and I would like ECF to stay a part of it just to
show our quality. It is a great achievement to deliver. However, I
realize that it puts strain on you and Scott in particular. So I would
say that it is your call.



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