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[ecf-dev] Quote from John Carmack on high-latency networking in mobile games, ties in well with EclipseCon proposal

Just read Ars Technica's latest interview [1] with John Carmack [2]
about the potentials for mobile games on iOS and Android devices. In
the interview, John mentions one of the main challenges that arise
from adding a multiplayer feature to mobile games which are
predominantly played in latency-challenged 3G networks, that ties in
very well with our EclipseCon proposal [3]:

"JS: Where do you see multiplayer going on iOS and in mobiles?

JC: I actually spent far more time than I really should have for
multiplayer for Doom Classic, and I doubt 1 player in 100 ever played
it. Setting up local multiplayer games is... you just don't have the
opportunities to do that when you're normally playing the game. So
you're limited to wanting to do things that will play well over a WAN
or ideally over a 3G network.

I've actually been thinking about doing something based off of Quake
Live, but in a more limited way that could target towards the mobile
space and could be a lot more latency-tolerant."

The goal of [3] is to provide for a multiplayer game demo running on
Android and an API to help handle the challenges that arise from
requiring near real-time communication to ensure consistent shared
state in high-latency networks.

If you think that this is an interesting and worthwhile proposal,
please help spread the word and/or discuss via the commenting feature
at [3].

I'm returning my attention to the corresponding research effort [4] ;)



[1] http://moo.mx/ars-technica-carmack-interview
[2] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_D._Carmack
[3] http://moo.mx/eclipsecon-2010-interstellar
[4] http://moo.mx/interstellar-thermonuclear-war

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