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[ecf-dev] [Documentation Project] What can you document?

Hello again folks!

We have a some people subscribing to bug [1]. Thanks!

@harshana, @james, @remy, @robert, @markus, @scott and others: Can you
please list 1 topic that you can work on in the coming weeks.

If you finish your topic, I will ask you to list a new topic you can
work on. There is no pressure to deliver instantly because this is a
looong running project. However, we do need to get started.

Just hack away at the documentation. Do not worry to mess up the
formatting, if you do, this can be changed easily. However, be sure to
take a look at [2].

[2] This is how I want to organize the manuals:
[3] Start of users guide:
[4] Start of integrators guide:



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