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Re: [ecf-dev] Turn off CVS

On 11/09/2010 07:13 PM, Scott Lewis wrote:
> Hey Markus,
> I'm personally ok with long as there are some (community?)
> resources/time to help people that want to access the source...but
> haven't yet installed and used git clients (egit or otherwise).   If
> there are ECF committers and/or community members that are willing to
> provide some of this support please pipe in on this thread
> (thanksinadvance for that).
> I'm personally limited on my time/support resources right now...and it's
> my expectation/guess that there will be people that are accessing the
> CVS source that have not made the shift yet...and once we turn it off
> they will obviously have to change their let's make sure that
> there is some amount of community support (hopefully via responses to
> this thread on this mailing list).

To make the switch easier, I have filed an enhancement request [0]
asking for a download button on

Generally however, I'm concerned that an outdated CVS repo hurts the
community more than a (forced) switch to git.



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