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Re: [ecf-dev] Our talk at ese

Hi Wim,

On 11/3/2010 2:13 PM, Wim Jongman wrote:

Just to let you all know that we had a very good talk at ese and a nice BoF afterwards.

That's great! Congratulations to the two of you on what I'm sure was a terrific talk.

The talk was high paced and filled with interactive twists and fun.

Excellent...I'm sure everyone was both informed and entertained.

More details next week on the conference call.

I think this would be fine...but I would ask that if you could please summarize things textually...on either a wiki page, blog(s), or in a posting to this mailing that those that don't attend the conference call will get some sense of what happened at ESE...both at your talk/the bof and elsewhere during ESE.

I understand that all are limited in I will offer help with this if desired.


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