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[ecf-dev] ISharedObjectObjectContainer problem client side - SharedObjects not found

Dear All

I am using ECF 3.3 and the DistributedEventAdmin service. On the
server side, I have successfully added the service to the

//wait for a container manager to come online
containerTracker = new ServiceTracker(context,
IContainerManager.class.getName(), new ServiceTrackerCustomizer() {

			public Object addingService(ServiceReference arg0) {
				IContainerManager manager = (IContainerManager) context.getService(arg0);
				try {
					EventAdmin admin = new DistributedEventAdmin(context);
					final IContainer container =
					final ISharedObjectContainer sharedObjectContainer =
					ISharedObjectManager manager1 =
					Properties props = new Properties();
					props.put(EventConstants.EVENT_TOPIC, "uk_co_xlegal_xbundle3_remote");
(ISharedObject) admin, props);

I have also successfully advertised the info representing the server
sharedobjectcontainer using the IDiscoveryAdvertiser

On the client side, I have successfully found the info using
IDiscoveryLocator, created a client ecf container and connected it to
the server

I have received an IContainerConnectedEvent in IContainerListener.handleEvent

However, when I query the IDs of the services within the shared object
container, I find an empty array:

//this is fine
ISharedObjectContainer soc = (ISharedObjectContainer) ((IAdaptable)
//yup, picks up the manager OK
ISharedObjectManager manager = soc.getSharedObjectManager();

//oh dear, I find ids is an empty array
ID[] ids = manager.getSharedObjectIDs();
Am I missing a step here?


ps thanks for a fantastic framework.

Robert Onslow
XLegal Limited

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