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[ecf-dev] plan for ECF 3.4 final days

 Hi Folks,

We're coming up on ECF 3.4 release, and I wanted to send a quick note to describe what's going to happen over the next week (and when).

1) The ECF 3.4 review is scheduled for Oct 20 (tomorrow). See [1] for the slideware, ip log, and review time.

2) As per the discussion on this week's conference call [2], we are going to have our actual release **next Friday, Oct 29, 2010**. This is in time for ESE (see Wim and Markus' talk!! [3]), but also giving us this week to complete the releng and final bug fixes (which several of us are working on this week).

3) This coming Sat/Sun (10/23-10/24) we will be creating a new git branch (Release_3_4) and create a Hudson release build to create a release build off of that branch (for the sdk project).

4) If you are a committer, a couple of requests:

a) *Between now and Sunday* please do *not* push any commits to the master branch at that are not bug fixes. Each push should have a bug # associated with the commit message also. Note that since we are now on git, it is exceedlngly easy to create a local branch and then merge it in later/after we get the Release_3_4 branch in place and are building off of this shouldn't be a hardship for anyone. If it is for some reason, just let me know and we can discuss. b) Please help with the remaining issues to address for 3.4 if you can. You can find the list here [4]. Particularly see the Twitter test code issue [5]'s going wrong for what looks (to me) like some changes in the twitter service, or the account access or something else. In any event, please assign the bug to yourself if you

Ok...if you have any questions and/or comments please just bring them up.

This is going to be a great release...ECF is coming along very nicely...thanks to everyone in the community.



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