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[ecf-dev] remote services admin and next conference call

 Hi all,

I've initiated the work on enhancing our implementation to support the OSGi 4.2 enterprise remote services admin spec...see [1].

I would like to coordinate with others on this I think it would be easier (and quicker) if

a) we spread the development work around;
b) we take advantage of all of the other committer and community knowledge in the various relevant modules (e.g. Markus, Wim, others with discovery API, a number of people with distribution).

There's a lot of knowledge in the ECF community, and I think that if we work together it will make the rsa implementation come very quickly and ECF already has a very modular architecture and impl (e.g. discovery, distribution, osgi spec impl, ecf core all separate bundles).

I've added an item to the next planned ECF conference call [2] agenda [3] to coordinate work on the remote services admin enhancement. Please try to attend that call if you are interested in participating/helping with the remote services admin helping with impl, review, docs, testing, use cases, etc.




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