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[ecf-dev] How to create a new channel

Hello everybody.
I'm finishing a project for my theses's: one extension of ECF for NCL(language of Brazilian Digital TV). In mine extension we include a lock feature (lock) on the elements. To do this we create a message type specifies to be treated on the other side. Then this message's lock is sent to other user by channel.sendMessage(DocShare.getOtherID(), msg.serializeMsgLock());
To obtain the channel, we create a "static object DocShare docShareNCL at DocShare class, then we use in other class: DocShare.docshare.getChannel();
Yet the message is not being treated across the OT and only by our methods of blocking. We use the same listener for OT e lock;
We can have only one listener per channel? How I create one new channel?
So thanks.

Lucas Scotta

  Lucas Augusto Scotta Merlo
MSc in Computer - UFES

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