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Re: [ecf-dev] Release_3_3 build (for ECF 3.3.1)

 Hi Wim/all

Yes, it turned out to be a bad/obsolete URL for the swtbot/hamcrest bundles. It's now building OK.

But I'm having two other builds behave strangely...and I'm not sure what to do.

So first, when I try to build the C-HEAD-sdk.feature project...i.e.


it seems to never complete (it runs for a long time, with little/no console output and finally has to be explicitly stopped). Anyone know what's (not) happening here?

Secondly, when I try to run this build:


It fails...and I can't tell from the output why...here's the build that failed that I triggered (see console output if it makes sense to you):


Any ideas about how to get either the continuous (C-HEAD) and/or the R-HEAD builds completing/building properly would be appreciated. Needless to say these aren't obviously source code errors, as everything compiles successfully in local workspace.