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Re: [ecf-dev] OSGi Container bundles for Eclipse Remote Service tutorial

Hi Nicholas,

You will find the run configurations in the server and the host example bundle respectively. 

You will find that the client (the  one with the scope) points to a host yazafatutu.com which is currently running. 

If you want to run your own server be sure to use the provided run configuration in the example project. If the server does not start you probably need to start the example server bundle manually.



On Aug 12, 2010, at 12:04, Nicholas Loulloudes <loulloudes.n@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi all,

I am trying to run on my local machine the host side application used at the Wim Jongman's tutorial for the Eclipse Remote Services. I have downloaded the host side bundle org.eclipse.ecf.example.quotes along with the other quote services(Twitter, Starwars,etc) from the github.

In order to run the host side bundle, i have created an OSGi container from the Run menu, but i think i am missing several required bundles for it run correctly. The reason for this, is that
the client (with the OSGilloscope) seems to connect to the host, but there is no activity what so ever.

Could you provide me a list with those bundles, and also any start-level requirements for each one?

Thanks in advance.



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