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Re: [ecf-dev] Git migration and ECF 3.4 timing: PLEASE READ

2010/8/3 Scott Lewis <slewis@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Pierre Henry Perret wrote:
<stuff deleted>

   1) Git changeover first, followed by ECF 3.4 release.  Timeline:
    Sept 8-> Markus K returns from vacation ->Sept 22 -> git
   changeover->Oct 6 -> ECF 3.4 release

   2) ECF release first, followed by git changeover.  Timeline:
    Sept 8 -> Markus K returns from vacation -> Sept 22 -> ECF 3.4
   release -> Oct 6 -> git changeover complete


Which are you saying is your preference?...2 or 1?
Yes the second

If 2, why is this your preference?
non preferences but  that of working with all the team on ECF 3.4 release




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