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Re: ECF non-EPL code moved to github (was Re: [ecf-dev] Move to GIT)

Hi Markus,

I'm assuming that it's fairly easy to sync the new github repo with the CVS repo again...as I think that it's possible that some people will continue to use ecf1 for a while (and we won't want to lose those contributions if that is so).


Also..Markus could you make recommendations about git clients...i.e. given the recent Helios release including the egit project? (i.e. are things stable enough in Helios release of eGit, in your opinion, to favor that client?). Is more than one client needed for most use cases at this point? If so, could you name an attractive secondary client as well? Basically, I guess I'm asking: what are you (and others feel free to chime in) currently using/suggesting for git usage within Eclipse tooling for development on ECF?


Markus Alexander Kuppe wrote:
On 06/29/2010 11:37 PM, Mustafa K. Isik wrote:

My github username is 'codesurgeon'


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