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RE: [ecf-dev] ecf xmpp


It is true that there is currently no hello sample product that uses the 
xmpp provider.  There are a couple of reasons for this

1) The XMPP provider has some extra requirements...e.g. 
authentication...that make the existing sample code insufficient 
(additional sample code is needed).

2) Insufficient resources to do all examples/samples (and products) for 
all extant providers (e.g. xmpp, jms/activemq, javagroups, etc)

Feel free to open an enhancement request/bug to this effect...and even 
better would be to contribute samples/examples/product configs as 
attachments to the bug.


   Currently ecf sample hello code doesn't have any product file for 
xmpp provide...It will be very helpful if some sample is included with 
the required configuration.

Thanks and Regards