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[ecf-dev] ECF conference call notes

Hi Folks,

We just finished our weakly (sic) ECF conference call and notes are here:

The highlights:

1) Markus is going to request from RT-PMC a waiver of freeze rules for including Apache Zookeeper contribution in Helios. Once approved, we will include Zookeeper in ECF Helios release. 2) We are going to try to get some product configurations available for the Hello World host and consumer to use Apache Zookeeper discovery with the hello world examples. 3) Harshana is working on putting together the ECF 3.3/Helios New and Noteworthy...which we will also use for the Helios review slideware. Please let Harshana know via this mailing list if there are other things that should be included in the New and Noteworthy that have not already been mentioned. Thanks to Harshana for doing this. 4) Sebastian is reporting good progress on the ECF Wave Provider for his Google SOC project...see this bug for details and to help review/comment on the code:

Next conference call is next Monday, May 17. See
for access info and/or to add to the agenda.



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