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[ecf-dev] ECF-related project proposals for Google Summer of Code 2010

Hi Folks,

ECF is again very fortunate to several excellent proposals for Google Summer of Code projects.

Previous Google SOC projects have been responsible for a lot of innovative work from ECF...e.g. ShareCode, Real-Time Shared Editing, Bittorrent provider, REST API, SIP provider, Google services support and others. More importantly, it's resulted in many excellent committers coming on and contributing substantially to ECF over the past few years.

Below is a listing of the ECF-related projects that have been proposed for 2010. As the ECF project lead I'm willing to mentor as many of these as I can, but my own time is somewhat limited, and I would like to have all of these efforts supported as broadly as possible (i.e. by/with other committers, other contributors and other ECF community members). I'm extremely excited about all of them and hope that all of them are accepted for Google SOC 2010. Even if not are all accepted for gsoc, I hope that the effort goes forward anyway as I think all of them will result in great things for the ECF community.

If you are an ECF committer and willing to be a mentor (and/or co-mentor with me or someone else), please consider becoming a mentor right away...which is done here:

Once you have approved for becoming a mentor, you can view, review, rate the proposals listed below...and offer to mentor/co-mentor any one of them. Please do so if you can, and it will reduce the burden on everyone. Even if you don't wish to be a formal mentor, I welcome everyone's support for these projects.



Google Data Protocol Provider for ECF - Upul Abayagunawardhana
The GData protocol is used by a number of Google services, and having an ECF provider for GData will open up the easy creation of many ECF providers that can access/communicate via those services.

DNS-SD based wide-area ECF discovery provider - Markus Kuppe
This is a very important addition to the ECF discovery API and ECF remote services, as DNS-SD provides a standard way to do WAN-based service discovery.

Google Buzz Provider - Tommy Schaubs - nuwan samarasekera Google Buzz is a very exciting new service, and an ECF-based Google Buzz provider will allow Google Buzz interaction from OSGi servers, RCP apps, and the Eclipse IDE. Tommy and Nuwan have *both* proposed distinct projects, and have agreed to work together (and with the community) to complete distinct parts of a Google Buzz provider, and thus I hope that if both of these projects move forward the ECF community will have a high quality Google Buzz provider very quickly.

Google Wave Provider - Sebastian Schmidt
The Google Wave provider enhancement is/has been on the ECF plan for many months now, and having a gsoc project to help out with completion will be a very important positive step.

Restlet API integration with Equinox - Rajeev Sampath
This project is associated with Equinox rather than with ECF, but it is/will be an important element in creating ECF *server-side* support for REST-based remote services. I (Scott) have been communicating with the proposal author, and if there is sufficient time, Rajeev has expressed interest in using the Restlet API to create an ECF remote service provider with the Restlet API (previously integrated with Equinox). This may end up being something that is done after the soc project, but even so, having the Restlet API available will make the construction of an ECF REST-based remote services *service host* provider very very easy, and so having the Restlet API integrated with Equinox will go a long way to making this happen.

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