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[ecf-dev] Nuwan Sam nomination as ECF committer

Hi Folks,

Nuwan Samarasekera was a Google Summer of Code student last year (2009) and he is now interested in becoming an ECF continue/finish the integration of his work last year into ECF as well as work on other things. Here are the gsoc 2009 ECF-related projects:

Nuwan's project was called: "Google Services Provider for ECF" is the gsoc project page link:

Nuwan would now like to become an ECF committer, and so I am soon going to nominate him via the EF portal mechanism. So that others can learn more about Nuwan and his previous work, he has made his resume available. Here it is:

Once I nominate Nuwan, ECF committers please vote when you can.

Thanks to Nuwan and the ECF community for your commitments to moving ECF forward.


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