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Re: [ecf-dev] Help in ECF

Hi Pierre, thanks from your reply.
I am studing ECF to use in my thesis: A colaborative ediro

And about NCL:  

Ginga-NCL is the Ginga[1] subsystem in charge of the presentation of NCL documents. It defines a presentation environment for declarative applications written in NCL. NCL is an XML application language that provides support for specifying spatio-temporal synchronization among media objects, media content and presentation alternatives, exhibition on multiple devices, and live producing of interactive non-linear programs.

[1] Ginga is the middleware specification for the Brazilian Digital TV System. Ginga is made up by a set of standardized technologies and Brazilian innovations that make it the most advanced middleware specification and the best solution for the Brazilian requirements. Ginga open middleware is divided into two main integrated subsystems, which allow the development of applications following two different programming paradigms. Depending on the required functionalities of an application project, one paradigm will be more suitable than the other one. Those subsystems are called Ginga-J (for Java applications) e Ginga-NCL (for declarative NCL applications).

For more informations, visit:
Lucas Scotta

2010/3/25 Pierre Henry Perret <phperret@xxxxxxxxx>

Yes you can use DocShare API to model your XML doc and use a SharedObject container to propagated changes in the group.

You have many examples on the wiki, and I suggest you check out the examples in the doc and specifically [1]

I have personnaly no time to help you for the moment, but dont hesitate to post on this list, and I will try to facilitate your introduction on ECF.

By the way, what means NCL ?


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