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[ecf-dev] Help in ECF. Brazilian Project

Hello everybody.

My name is Lucas Scotta, I am a Master student in Computer Science of Federal University of Espirito Santo - Brazil.

We are developping a solution that uses ECF (communication) and NCL Eclipse ( for manage Brazilian Digital Television documents, this documents are like XML.

Our proposal is to develop mechanisms that deal with the consistency of the data for collaborative editing documents in the Digital TV.
NCL Eclipse is a "compiler" for XML, that deal to create documents and validate them.
I need to use ECF like a communication channel, especially the exchange of messages(1)(2) between peers.

We already developed mechanisms of OT, that necessarily will override ECF OT.
The "outline" probably will change if it uses ECF to work.

I need to know:
* What are the main class, that I have to change or extend based on what I explain above?

I think: I need to implement "IModelSynchronizationStrategy" class, and override methods and class of DocShare packet, and I need your help.
I have doubt in how such communications are handled between the peers.

(1) Messages may be changes made locally and should be sent to other participants.
 For example "I am a body", and to change to "I am a boy"
(2) Messages can also be "sync messages", "system messages".

Thanks in advance.

PS.: Is there some developer who work in a brazilian research project or can understand portuguese?

Lucas Scotta

 Lucas Augusto Scotta Merlo
Master student in Computer Science - UFES

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