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Re: [ecf-dev] OSU Skype plug in status for 3.5

AllyGirl and all,

The Skype provider is close to next in line for addition to the new ECF build...which is located here, incidently:

The reason it's not there already is that we need contributions to help add projects to this new ECF builder, as we don't have sufficient releng resources (i.e. I, Markus, and Ted are/have been doing all the build/releng work so far). Incidently, this morning's conference call had this very issue on the agenda:

but no committers/contributors attended the call (I was the only one on the call).

If either committers or contributors wish to help to the Skype provider to the ECF builder in a timely fashion, then please consider offering to help out...and contact the three of us directly via email at slewis at, markus.kuppe at, and tedkubaska at



AllyGirl wrote:
I have installed Eclipse 3.5 and the latest ECF components.
The Skype provider is of interest but the plug-in is MIA
because the site is unavailable. It may be due
to the GIT migration, but I have no idea how\where to get
the plug-in at this point. Any advice would be appreciated.

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