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[ecf-dev] XMPP File transfer : Problem while running org.eclipse.ecf.tests.provider.filetransfer.xmpp test from CVS head


I use Eclipse Galileo Version: 3.5.1 on an Ubuntu 9.4 box. Openfire 3.6.4 is installed and is running.
Two accounts has been created.

I got the head sources of ECF from CVS (pserver:anonymous@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:/cvsroot/rt). I try to execute the tests in org.eclipse.ecf.tests.provider.filetransfer.xmpp, especially the test testTwoClientsToSendAndReceive() in the class XMPPSOutgoingTest. I set the needed vm arguments ( -Dusername0=ecf.test1@XXX -Dusername1=ecf.test2@XXX -Dpassword0=pwd -Dpassword1=pwd) and create the input file (which does not exists in CVS). The test finishes, there is no error, but the file is not transfered. The test does not check if the the file is transfered. The handleFileTransferRequest(IFileTransferRequestEvent event) of IIncomingFileTransferRequestListener of the receiver is never called. So the receiver cannot accept the request.

In the console output, I have :

sender.handleTransferEvent(IOutgoingFileTransferSendDoneEvent[isDone=true;bytesSent=-1;exception=java.lang.IllegalStateException: File transfer in progress or has already completed.])

Do I something wrong ?


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