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Re: [ecf-dev] ECF OSU build (was Re: our meeting)

Hi Markus,

Markus Alexander Kuppe wrote:
On 02/16/2010 06:18 AM, Ted Kubaska wrote:

Our meeting ...just to talk about some of the nitty gritty about what I
can do to assist with adding OSU projects to the build and adding tests.

About the OSU build... we should first discuss which parts of OSU are
build in what way. The current OSU update site only contains an old
jgroups, jms.activemq, skype and a yahoo bundle. Is there still interest
in the community?

In these four (jgroups, jms, skype, and yahoo) I can say 'yes'. Particularly for remote services...the ActiveMQ provider and jgroups are very important for that.

What about the other projects on OSU:

- Rest
- Newsreader
- EclipseRT
- Wave
- Remoteprovisioning
- Sip
- ...

If these projects are supposed to be build (automatically), we will need
help from the authors.

Yes, this is certainly true that we will need help from the authors for building these. Some of them are obsolete (e.g. rest, perhaps remoteprovisioning), some of them are on their way to (i.e. newsreader, sip, perhaps wave), and some of them (e.g. tweethub) are full rcp products that will continue to be at because of licensing.

But in any case...I think the prioritization for getting these built by our builder should be:


...and then all the others.

There's already a hudson/bucky project for the activemq.jms feature, but it's not quite working yet. As I remember, the sticking point right now is that we need to include the contents of *two* repos in the build of this feature (i.e. ECF core from and the jms bundles from At last examination (that I can remember), Hudson didn't have the ability to use two repos for retrieving contents from a single project...but Ted and I just may be misinformed or out of date. Ted please comment if I don't have something right.


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