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Re: [ecf-dev] link-local-messaging Plug-In

Hi Markus,
My Implementation implements already the Interfaces RosterEntry and RosterGroup.
My Rosterview is delegated on the Rosterview in ECF, because was very
complicated for me to work with this class and i want to make it run first,
bevor i begin to integrate it.
My Problem with JMDNS was that my needed Service wasn't discovered. I think that
i have forgot a setting but i wasn't able to find it.
My problem with exporting is, that i can export it now, but eclipse doesn't find
the new plug-in. I started eclipse also with the parameter "-clean"


Zitat von Markus Alexander Kuppe <>:

> On 02/14/2010 10:32 AM, Roland Matha wrote:
> > Hi Folks,
> Hi Roland,
> looks great. I have few more questions inline.
> > I have finished a Link-Local-Messaging Plug-In for Eclipse. This Plug-In
> uses
> > the MesssagesView Class completely and implements some usefull Interfces
> from
> > ECF. For my Rosterview i used the source code from the ECF Rosterview and i
> > modified it for my Plug-In.
> Any chance the RosterView changes can be merged with the original
> implementation? In the end we should not introduce a second roster view
> in ECF.
> > For the Service-Discovery i use DNS-SD from Apple, because with the JMDNS
> there
> > was a problem.
> What kind of problem did you face with JmDNS? Did you use the version
> packaged at or the one available from upstream at
> sourceforge? If possible please file a bug at
> Just asking cause I'm not sure if the Apple Public Source License (APSL)
> is compatible with Eclipse. That might be a show stopper if you ever
> want to release your work as part of ECF.
> Btw does Apple's implementation use JNI?
> > Now my problem is, that i can't export my Plug-In and so i can't make it
> > available for everyone and the source code for ECF.
> > Is there anybody who can help me with my problem?
> What's the error you get when you try to export it?
> > The source code is now available at:
> >
> If you want us to set up a CVS repo at OSU for you, just let us know. We
> can even provide you with build infrastructure.
> Markus
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