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Re: [ecf-dev] I would like to work on the ECF -- Google Wave project

Hi Craig,

On the enhancement request here:

I describe (in one of the comments) the location of the Google Wave ECF provider codebase. It's currently hosted at the ECF OSU Open Source lab CVS server and the location is described on the bug.

It's just getting started frankly, and nothing is running yet, but truthfully having a google wave client is *not* that far off....because we are using the java reference implementation of the wave protocol to implement the most of the actual protocol details are/will be implemented by the Google code.

I would like to coordinate the work on the Google wave provider via the bug. At some point in the near future we may need to have a conference call and/or IM/Skype session to coordinate among the people working on the google wave provider...but the first step for everyone is to get the projects on the OSU OSL CVS server, along with the Google Wave java code (via

So please add yourself to the cc on the bug and we'll use that to coordinate work.

My request of everyone that wants to contribute to the wave protocol is that you

a) join the bug (add yourself to the cc);
b) express interest in helping out/contributing by adding a comment on the bug c) get the existing projects from the OSUOSL CVS server as indicated on the bug d) please be patient...and I will attempt to do the necessary coordination over the next week...along with some more 'up-front' development



Craig Ugoretz wrote:
Hi Scott (and others),

     I thought some more, and I decided that I would like to work on
the ECF -- Google Wave project as well as some ideas for the Google
Wave client / windowing systems / applications integration thing that
I talked about in the other emails (what I called GWFusion, with
Geogebra being the test application).  In other words, I think it
makes sense to work from the bottom up first before getting too far
ahead of oneself with other ideas.  Please tell me how I could be of
assistance for the ECF.  Sorry for any confusion I may have caused.

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