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Re: [ecf-dev] Small changes to AbstractRemoteServicesTest

Hi Pavel,

These additions and changes all seem great to me. Please open a bug and attach the patch to the bug, and I will apply. Just in case people don't already know...the reason it's necessary to open a bug is that this is the process we're required to follow for EF IP review and permanent tracking/history for patches/contributions.

Thanks much!!


Samolisov Pavel wrote:
Hello folks,

I'm working on OSCAR/ICQ provider for Eclipse Communication Framework
and implemented Remote Service API via OSCAR/ICQ.

I want suggest small changes to AbstractRemoteServicesTest:

1. add assertTrue(done); after waiting to method testServiceListener. If
do not check 'done' - test can be passed if even RemoteServiceListener
was not be invoked.

2. add protected method customizeProperties and invoked it for
customizing register services properties in other bundles. For example
in the org.eclipse.ecf.tests.provider.oscar I implemented this method:

protected Dictionary customizeProperties(Dictionary props) {
	Dictionary result = new Hashtable();
	// ...
	return result;

If we do not put Constants.SERVICE_REGISTRATION_TARGETS to properties,
test testServiceListener will not be passed because
adapters[0].registerRemoteService will not send message to
containers[1]. ICQ do not support predefined groups and do not send
broadcast messages.

I attach my patch to this message.


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