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[ecf-dev] ECF 3.2 release planning

Hi Folks,

This morning on the ECF conference call we discussed release planning for ECF 3.2. See notes here [1].

The main resulting questions are:
1) *when* to schedule/have our 3.2 release;
2) *how* to get the necessary releng work completed for the release

WRT when, I propose the following day for the ECF 3.2 release: Friday, Feb 19, 2010. If you have any comments about this please make them publicly here in response to this email. As for how: there are a number of things that have to happen prior to the release...including preparing for and having an Eclipse Foundation review (for minor release)...which takes at least two well as the releng work associated with our build, etc. Ted is going to produce a posting to this mailing list describing some of the things that are remaining for ECF's releng work...and soliciting help from the community for these tasks. *I urge all of you that have some ability to consider helping out with releng tasks and volunteer to assist us with the pending tasks. Please consider helping out.




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