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Re: [ecf-dev] R-OSGi provider bug

Hi Bryan,

Bryan Hunt wrote:

I think I've run into a bug in the R-OSGi provider in ECF 3.1.  In RemoteServiceImpl.callSync(), I'm getting an NPE on call.getParameters().length because the parameters are null.  It appears that this problem has been fixed in HEAD as the code now checks the parameters for null.  Getting just the org.eclipse.ecf.provider.r_osgi bundle from HEAD will not work as there are enough changes that there are compile errors.  What are your recommendations on getting a new (stable) version of ECF that contains this fix?  Get all of ECF from HEAD?

Yes, until we produce a 3.2 release this is the thing to do. It won't/shouldn't be necessary to get all of ECF, but it will be necessary to get the OSGI remote services impl, the remote services API, and the new versions of ECF core (because there are some new things in the core that the OSGi remote services impl depend upon). You can get all of the ECF bundles into workspace using the project set file available in org.eclipse.ecf.releng project. Here's instructions for this [1].

I'll take this opportunity to put this question out to the broader community: I think we should probably do a ECF 3.2 release *before* Helios. I would suggest toward the end of February/early March...i.e. before EclipseCon 2010. If this is to happen, however, I/we need some additional committers and/or contributors/community members to step up and provide some help contributing to the build/release work to make this happen. Ted, Markus, and I have been doing most of the releng work for ECF, and I think we could spread some more of this necessary-but-not-glamorous releng work around.

I'll add this question (whether/when to have a 3.2 release) to next week's ECF conference call [2]. If you have some thoughts/suggestions about this please say so here, add a comment to the call agenda/notes, and/or attend the conference call.




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