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Re: [ecf-dev] how to invoke ECF REST service from a browser?

Hi David and Scott,

We have this bug

David, as Scott said the idea around this bug is to expose any ECF remote service as a web-based service, it will be useful for ECF REST server side.

- Marcelo

On Mon, Jan 4, 2010 at 2:49 PM, Scott Lewis <slewis@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi David,

David Donohue wrote:
Hello Scott and folks,
I have created an ECF REST service here

I've confirmed that my ECF REST client can successfully call this
service interface:
public interface ISparqlService extends IInqleEcfService {
       public String querySelect(String query, String modelId);

So how can I call this service using a non-ECF client?  Presumably I
could open a browser to

Whether or not a web browser can be a client for this service depends upon what provider/transport is being used.  For example, if you implemented the ECF REST service as an http servlet then you could do as you say...i.e. just invoke from a web browser.  Given you have the URL listed as http://localhost:3797/server1 it seems you may be able to do this right now (i.e. http).  Clearly this is because the browser understands and can make http requests, and not other types of requests (unless something is else is added to the browser, of course).

But if you are using some other provider/protocol for exposing the web service (e.g. ecftcp, JMS, etc), then the browser may not know of the protocol, and so won't be able to use it directly.

One enhancement that several ECF committers have discussed previously is the addition of server-side classes to expose any ECF remote service as a web-based service...i.e. to URL path value and/or parameters and match them to ECF remote service lookups, and actual service calls.  But these classes have not been added yet.


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