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[ecf-dev] ECF conference call for 1/11/2009 progress report

Hi Folks,

I cannot make the normal weekly time tomorrow (Monday 1/11/2010), so I'm going to cancel this week's call. If you have items you need to/wish to discuss, please either contact me directly about them (if they need immediate attention from me), and/or put them on the agenda for next week. See here to add to the agenda:

See below for a progress report on some of the things that have been going on WRT ECF 3.2 development. I will be following up on many/all of these over the next few weeks. If I've missed things that others are working on please let me and everyone know.



See below for a progress report on some of the things that have been going on with ECF. For some of the things, I've used my 'ECF recent progress for 3.2' note from Nov 10:

a) Smack 3.1.0

Smack 3.1.0 is now being used for the xmpp provider. This bug resolved:

Google Services Provider: I have not heard anything on the bug from Nuwan Sam. Nuwan, please contact me directly and we will move this forward.

SIP Call Provider: I have not heard anything on the bug from Harshana. Harshana, please contact me and we will move this forward.

b) AOL/ICQ provider contribution

I haven't heard anything recent from Pavel on this bug:

c) Newsreader Contribution I've been in contact with Wim Jongman about this contribution, and they are doing further additions (i.e. to the ECF nntp provider impl and test code), and I (Scott) will be submitting Wim as a new ECF committer this week (to support further work on the nntp and app code...and to work on/contribute to other aspects of ECF such as zookeeper-based discovery API impl)

d) ECF IPC Contribution

Thanks to Dann Martens, and Clarke Hobbie, the ECF IPC contribution is moving forward. See See also a status report last week from Dann at:

e) Declarative Services + ECF remote services example/tutorial

I (Scott) have recently introduced a 'hello world' remote services app that uses DS (for service registration on host, and service lookup and injection on the client). See here in ECF repo:


See also this bug:

Also, Bryan Hunt has submitted an EclipseCon 2010 talk proposal on this topic:

I'm hoping that Bryan will be able to use the new hello ds host/consumer for the EclipseCon presentation (but, of course, the content is up to him)....assuming it's accepted, of course.
f) Transition to Remote Services from RFC 119

I've completed this work. See bug:

I (Scott) will also be blogging about the work (i.e. describing the implementation and it's unique characteristics) over this next week.

g) REST provider

I (Scott) did another major refactoring of the REST provider last week (week of 12/28/2009). This was to accomplish two things:

i) address bug
ii) 'move up' some of the rest apis...into the org.eclipse.ecf.remoteserve bundle rather than the bundle...i.e. IRemoteCallable rather than IRestCallable). This way it will be more amenable to being used for implementing non-rest-based remote service clients (as well as simplifying/reducing size of

h) Google Wave Provider

Good progress being made on provider bundle(s) on ECF OSU Open Source Lab site. See I (Scott) am going to be continuing work on this provider this week (i.e. 1/11/2010), now that the remote services work is largely complete, and the REST implementation is complete.

I) New Directions:  SOAP-based remoteservices client provider

As part of some work that I did last week on the REST provider (i.e. the generalization of the rest client API), I've opened a bug to implement a SOAP-based ECF remote services client provider using Axis and/or Axis2. This should now be quite straightforward and I've opened this bug to track:


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