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Re: [ecf-dev] ecf code on ecf1

Hi Ted,

2009/12/15 Scott Lewis <slewis@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Hi Ted,

The way to start with this, I believe, is to start from the features...i.e. JMS feature, yahoo feature, skype feature, jgroups feature.  Look at the contents of these features, and the plugins that they reference.  Then look at the tweethub product in


Also the bundles in tests, which are (obviously) the junit plugin test code.

Here are the other things things that I'm aware of:(modules at top level)

aol  -  Initial work on AOL provider.  Not completed, but could be taken up again, but should probably be archived.
applications - Old 'rcpchat' RCP application.  No one's been maintaining it, so it can/could/should probably be archived.
archive - Even older stuff...not being used afaik
call - Work on sip impl (for Harshana's Google summer of code 2009 project.  Contact harshana05@xxxxxxxxx
eclipsert - Some work I (Scott) have been doing to create features to build Equinox servers
features - Has the jms, skype, jgroups, yahoo features (and perhaps others)
modules - The ECF book early work
newsreader - Wim Jongman's contribution...Contact:  wim.jongman@xxxxxxxxx
org.eclipse.ecf.tests.provider.jingle - jingle tests...needs to be moved under tests.  Contact:  Moritz Post mpost@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (worked on 2007 jingle impl...see links on ECF wiki page:
remoteprovisioning - work by Eugene Reiswich Contact:  reiswich@xxxxxx
rest - rest API work by Holger for Google SOC 2009.  Holger contact:  hstaudacher@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
sip - SIP work also by Harshana.  Contact:  harshana05@xxxxxxxxx.  This seems to overlap with the 'call' module, but I'm not sure how/the details.  Harshana should know.
This "sip" module is an older version of "call" module and currently i'm not using it("sip") since the sip codebase was refactored to include under call module since it is a ECF Call API implementation. So when you are reorganizing things, it's OK to delete this "sip" module. If not just archive it with some older codebase. 

BTW.. In CVS-> Git migration, it will not contain this "sip" module. 
tests - junit plugin tests...need to look at each one to decide on relevancy
wave - ongoing work on Google Wave impl (bug
www - I don't know...and ecf1 seems to be down/inaccessible via ssh right I can't detail the others.  After we get the above worked out, then we'll complete the rest.

RE: reorganization for consistency...yes, that would be a good thing to do.  The active development that I'm aware of is going on in

newsreader (Wim Jongman)
wave (everyone on bug)

But everything else could probably be moved/renamed, archived, etc without too much trouble.


Ted Kubaska wrote:
We need to understand the CVS structure on ecf1 so that we can
adequately set up these projects to build under our Buckminster/Hudson
environment. We need information like

what the projects are.
Some of the directories under the OSU CVS are ECF plugins and other
are not ... ecf1 has been a convenient place to put stuff (which is
OK). And so I want to get a list of exactly what needs to be built and
what just needs to be stored.

The functionality of the projects
This is almost self-descriptive but 25 words or less would be helpful.
I'd like to put these descriptions on our ecf1 website so that users
can peruse what is available without having to google the project

who is responsible for each
In a sense we all are, but when a build breaks, we should be able to
know who the expert is on the project so that we can fix it in a
timely manner.

And there does seem to be some inconsistency in how the plugins are
structured. Some are under plugins; others are directly under HEAD. I
don't know if it is reasonable at this time to restructure the
organization, but it sure would be nice. Such a re-organization would
contribute greatly to understanding and maintaining our code on ecf1.
And if I get to understand what all these files are, I'll volunteer to

ecf-dev mailing list

Thanks and Regards,
Harshana Martin

Harshana Eranga Martin
Department of Computer Science & Engineering,
University Of Moratuwa,
Sri Lanka.


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