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Re: [ecf-dev] ECF conference call - Monday Dec 14 1600 UTC/8am pacific

Hi Dann,

Dann Martens wrote:
Hi Scott,

That's a good idea, I was thinking about organizing my contributions around a heartbeat, as well. Already my first new year's resolution ;)

My only concern, and to be honest, the only reason why I am a bit reluctant to participate in the conference calls is the tediousness of the technology involved. If it takes 15 minutes to set up a 15 minute conference call, I'm not sure it will pay off.

Not sure what you mean wrt tediousness of technology we've now got the timeslot reserved with the Foundation conferencing system and I am the moderator. The info on the wiki page is now correct, and has toll-free numbers for access from most (all?) of the countries where our committers are.

Do you mean something else WRT the technology issues/tediousness? I'm willing to do other things if we can do them more easily/quickly/cheaply (all three) let me know if you have other ideas here.


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