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Re: [ecf-dev] work on osgi remote services spec

On 12/09/2009 10:17 PM, Scott Lewis wrote:

> But to support configuration types, I think it's going to be best to add
> a method like the following to the core
> org.eclipse.ecf.core.ContainerTypeDescription class
>    public String[] getSupportedConfigTypes()
> Adding this method will allow providers to specify at runtime the config
> types that they support.

This is a copy of what I added to the bug:

Just an just idea but why not add a new subclass like
RemoteContainerTypeDescription to ContainerTypeDescription as well as
something like IRemoteContainerInstantiator to a != org.eclipse.ecf
bundle to separate the remote service implementation from the rest of
ECF. The benefits are:

A) Don't have to implement getSupportedConfigTypes() in all the
containers that have nothing to with OSGi remote services. (most
containers return null in getSupportedIntents()).

B) won't have to deal with p2/build inclusion.

A2) If separating RemoteContainerDescriptions from local
ContainerDescriptions does not make sense, we should at least at an
(abstract) superclass to all ContainerInstantiators that returns null on
their behalf.


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