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[ecf-dev] Introduction


Scott asked me to introduce myself to you since I will be donating and maintaining the NNTP protocol and Salvo newsreader application for ECF.

My reason to start the newsreader project is that I want to provide the "Ask a Question" menu item to the Eclipse workbench. If you want to read my vision on how to bring the Eclipse Providers and Consumers together then please read this bug:

The newsreader project plan is here:

My professional background is in the area of the software change lifecycle process. I am a partner in the company which provides an enterprise SCM solution aimed at the data crunching business (logistics, financial). We originally started on the IBM i (AS/400) but we are evolving to a MP solution. We started using Eclipse as our front-end around 2005 and since then we have been consequently using Eclipse Technology. Our latest effort is a service architecture based on ECF, r_OSGi. This application, codename Gravity, will prevent "The Cloud" from being sucked into outer space.

In 2007 we joined the EF and also started a new company called Industrial-TSI. Industrial-TSI has been very busy promoting the greater Eclipse in the Netherlands. We have organised all the Dutch Eclipse events and provide introductive RCP-in-a-day trainings for enthusiast. We provide total support for open source solutions to mainstream companies. Industrial-TSI delivers 4 trainers to the Eclipse Training Alliance. I personally teach RCP and Advanced RCP classes about 6 times a year.

We have, together with Maarten Meijer, created a DIY Mylyn connector that is aimed to connect to legacy industrial tracking systems. With this software, people can create a Mylyn connector in less than a day. It supports IBatis, JPF and home brew Data Access. That website is here:

I live in the Twijnderlaan, Haarlem, the Netherlands (try streetview), with my wife and 4 children.

If you have any questions please ask. I am also on

Wim Jongman

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